Your Help for Quitting Crystal Meth is Here

quitting crystal methQuitting crystal methamphetamine can be extremely difficult on your own.  Unfortunately most of the people that try to quit this way fail.  It is so easy to fall back into old habits with old friends.  But there are ways to succeed in your fight against addiction to this dangerous and deadly drug.

Crystal meth is highly addictive.  It overloads dopamine receptors in the brain.  This is one of the reasons it is so highly addictive.  It literally makes your body forget about everything else going on in your life.  It is not uncommon for meth addicts to go days or even longer without eating or drinking anywhere near enough water.  Because of this their bodies become severely dehydrated and malnourished.  This is one of the reasons that those on meth undergo such a dramatic physical change.  They are literally starving their bodies of what they need to survive.

When someone stops taking meth they go through withdrawal.  The symptoms of meth withdrawal are fairly common.  Your body needs food, water and rest.  Often those that have used meth will sleep for days after they stop taking it.  They will then binge eat.  This is an attempt by the body to get sustenance that it was denied while on the drug.  This shows you exactly how powerful the pull of crystal meth is.  It can actually override the survival instincts of the human body.  These are powerful forces in themselves.

Many people don’t want to tell anyone else about their problems with addiction.  Perhaps they are ashamed.  Regardless of the reasons, you need to reach out for help in order to succeed in beating this kind of addiction.  The pull of this drug is so strong that few people can resist relapsing to using it again.  If you find yourself in this position consider that the vast majority of people that quit meth on their own without any help fail.  Success rates for those that reach out for help are much higher.  If you need help quitting crystal meth, then don’t hesitate to find someone to help you in your fight.  You can find more info at

Sciatic Nerve Pain for a New Mother

One of the most stressful and difficult things the human body can go through is the creation and delivery of a baby.  The female body must go through an incredible amount of change to accommodate both the growth of the child and it’s entry  into the world.

A recent patient of ours has seen a dramatic increase in sciatic nerve pain after just such an event.  She has 2 small children, the most recent of which was delivered in July of 2013.  The course of her most recent pregnancy ran as close to normal as could be expected, but about 2 months before delivering her second child, she noticed a good deal of pain in her legs.

Attributing it to the pregnancy she essentially just learned to deal with it.  After the delivery things seemed to return to normal.  So much so that she never mentioned the pain to her physician.  But about 6 months later the pain returned with a vengeance.  Of course the addition of a second child into her already busy life was only part of the issue.

Underlying Causes

While there are any number of reasons for specific types of pain that originate from the back, many of them can be diagnosed to a few simple causes.  Much of them stem from our sedentary form of life.  Now before anyone get’s up in arms about being described as sedentary, let’s understand that our comparison is based on the level of activity of an average individual in today’s world versus what the average individual thousands of years ago would do over the course of a day.

Our bodies can only change and develop so fast.  And our bodies are not well adapted to the small amounts of physical activity that we now do.  Additionally, many that choose to be active can actually exacerbate the problem by exercising in the wrong way.  Take your average gym for instance.  Looking around you’ll most likely see people either doing low impact types of exercises such as walking or stairs.

There’s nothing wrong with these sorts of exercise, but our bodies were designed to do more strenuous activities.  Another thing you’ll see when looking around the gym is machine-based workouts.  While these are great for targeting individual muscle groups, they do very little to teach muscle groups to work together as a unit.  Large biceps might look impressive, but these are relatively unimportant muscles when considered on their own.

The Fix

While it may sound unconventional in the case of back pain, one of the best ways to improve strength and reduce pain is to lift really heavy things.  And going way back to the conventional compound lifts is the best way to do this.  Compound lifts such as the deadlift, snatch, and squat force your body to use multiple large muscle groups in conjunction.

Let’s look at the deadlift in particular.  This is one of the best lifts you can do to strengthen all of the major muscle groups of the body.  It works the hamstrings, glutes, back, arms, and forearms.  This sort of lift, when done correctly strengthens the muscles of your spine, and causes it to remain in good alignment.  This alignment is crucial to reducing pain.  Of course it is important that you not just jump straight into doing these exercises.  A physical trainer should be used to ensure that you are using the correct form.  Once you have developed and sharpened your skills, you can begin performing the exercises on your own.

Posture is another reason for back pain.  And the main reason for poor posture is weakness in the muscles that help us hold proper form.  This generally comes from years of sitting.  Posture can be difficult to correct.  It takes a concerted conscious effort to maintain good posture.  But doing exercises such as the compound exercises previously mentioned will make this much easier for you

We’ll get more into posture in our next post.

Can Relieving Back Pain Be As Simple as Your Shoes and Paleo Diet?

So many things that we develop for comfort end up causing us pain.  And nowhere is this more pervasive than with shoes.  Some professions require people to be on their feet all day, and having improper footwear can cause significant damage over the course of years.

Causes of Pain

There are several different types of pain that can develop from being on your feet all day with improper footwear.  One of the first things that can be affected is posture.  Many of today’s shoes have a severely elevated heel.  This  causes a shortening in the calf muscles over time.  This shortening of the muscle is a major cause of loss of flexibility in the ankle and calves.

For hundreds of thousands of years humans wore no shoes at all.  Our feet adapted until they were perfected for this type of movement.  Now with shoes providing so much cushion and support our feet and ankles become week.  This weakness gets translated up the legs and into the lower back.  Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that their back pain is originating in their feet.

But since all of the muscles in our bodies are interconnected, an issue in the extremities such as the feet can be a cause of all sorts of pain symptoms.  The same is true of elbow pain.  Often times it is the result of wrist, forearm, and shoulder issues rather than just an issue with the elbow itself.

Ladies high heels are a perfect example of shoe that can cause dramatic shortening of the calf muscle, which in turn causes us to adapt our posture to compensate.  This can lead to any number of difficulties.  But high heels aren’t the only offenders.  Traditional running shoes also typically have an elevated heel.  They are designed so that anyone from beginner to advanced runners can use them.  But with a design that encompasses such a vast range of runners, they typically aren’t well designed for anyone.

Paleo Diet and Inflammation

nut butter paleo cookiesInflammation is a major source of joint pain for those that are on their feet for extended periods of time.  The main culprit could be the food you’re eating.  While humans have been eating grains for thousands of years, our bodies have not completely adapted to properly digesting them.  This can cause inflammation in the joints.

A diet that is balanced in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids is also very important to reduce inflammation.  Most Americans eat many times more Omega-6′s than 3′s.  These leads to inflammation in joints that can be very painful.  Vegetable oils and nuts are sources that are typically high in Omega-6′s.  This includes oils such as soybean and corn, which are used heavily as preservatives in many of the foods we eat.

Reducing the amounts of these foods, and increasing Omega-3 foods such as salmon, tuna, and grass-fed dairy, can help reduce inflammation and pain.

The Paleo diet, is an excellent diet for those interested in reducing pain from inflammation.  The guidelines include eliminating grains, legumes, and most low fat dairy.  Those who have chosen this diet have reported significant reductions in pain from inflammation, as well as decreases in blood pressure and cholesterol.

Many people get hung up on the fact that many foods are not allowed on the Paleo diet, but you can still find treats like those from Gourmet Paleo.  They use nut and seed butters as well as other whole food ingredients to create recipes that are both Paleo and delicious.  This Paleo cookie in particular is extremely delicious.

Runners eventually adapt one of two running styles.  They either have a heel strike, or a ball strike.  Heel to toe runners need lots of cushion in the heel of their shoes to absorb all of the impact from each stride.

Those that run with a ball-strike stride look as though they are gliding.  This type of running is also more efficient.  Every time you land with your heel first, you’re sapping away a certain amount of speed.  By running on the balls of your feet, your body absorbs less impact and less of your speed on each stride.

Minimalist Shoes

Many runners chose to use a minimalist shoe.  These shoes are designed with minimal cushioning, but offer good protection to the bottom of the foot from sharp objects such as rocks and glass.  Since there is very little heel cushion, the runner is forced into using the more efficient ball strike running style.

But these shoes aren’t just for running.  They are designed for walking, working, lifting, and just everyday work.  Even for intense workouts like CrossFit you’ll see individuals using minimalist style shoes.  And in fact, some of the best Crossfit shoes for men are designed with very little in the way of heel t0 t0e drop.  You can find a wide variety of crossfit shoes at this website.  It is called Efficient

This serves several purposes.  But the most important purpose is to help the wearer perform their exercises with the proper form.  Just wearing these shoes will cause your feet and ankles to become stronger and more stable.

And because they don’t have an elevated heel, these shoes will actually encourage more flexibility in your calves and ankles the longer you wear them.  Another surprise is that you’ll realize how inefficient your walking style was once you start wearing these shoes.  The reason for this is simple, when you walk heel to to, just like jogging, you absorb some of the impact and energy from your stride.  When you learn to walk on the balls of your feet, you will begin to glide and use less energy to travel the same distance.  It’s also much better on your ankles, knees, and in turn, your back.

Using Radiation to Help Control Pain

The use of X ray technology has changed dramatically over the past 25 years and new technologies are allowing doctors to not only diagnose internal illnesses and injuries, but enabling them to treat them as well.

History of the X Ray

X Ray technology has been around since 1895 when Rector Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen first developed the ability to take pictures of bones under the skin by using radiation.  As scientists and doctors learned how to better control the level of radiation, and direct it’s energy, they’ve developed equipment that has changed the face of medicine.

X rays are used in all of the following ways:

- dental x rays for detecting cavaties

- detecting broken bones and fractures

- detecting anomalies in organs such as the lungs

Early dosages of radiation from X-ray machines would have been considered extremely dangerous by today’s standards.  But now with the advent of low dose radiation, patients and healthcare professionals have little to fear from radiation exposure.  Although radiation exposure from medical procedures is up in the U.S. since 2006, this is due to the high number of procedures involving medical grade radiation.  CT Scans, and radiation therapy are a large part of this.

Modern Uses of Radiation to Treat

In more recent years, radiation is used not only in the detection and elimination of certain types of cancers, but also in the treatment of the pain from these cancers.  Radiation can be used to shrink tumors that can cause significant pain to patients.  This can be especially effective when tumor growth interferes with bones, organs, or nerve tissues.

Bone cancer is one type of cancer that can cause extreme pain.  Doctors often recommend patients undergo radiation therapy to help relieve this pain.

Additionally, secondary bone cancer can weaken bones, causing them to become brittle.  Radiation therapy helps to strengthen bones, and reduce pain levels for the patient.  These procedures are carried out by a radiological technologist under the direction of a physician.

This type of therapy not only reduces pain, but can also slow down the spread of the disease to other bones in the body.  However, radiation therapy is not a cure for cancer, it is generally used to extend a patients life while improving their quality of life.

Often times that is what pain treatment is all about.  Controlling pain with radiation is intended to allow a patient to enjoy their remaining days of life, rather than suffering through terrible pain until their final days.  You can read more about using radiation therapy to control pain at the CancerReasearchUK website.